New book THE POWER OF LOVE Path to Love and Happiness

This is a story about Sophia Starseeker and her path to joy and love. A story of her spiritual path to non-duality. A spiritual story and a spiritual journey. A story of oneness. A love story and a story of joy. A story about joy and welcoming joy into life.
All of us have the possibility of following this path, if only we are aware that we have the path right in front of us, in the present.
All of us travel with the temple of our body and with dynamic explosions of energy, consisting of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings and physical experiences in order to return to the starting position of our journey.
The infinity. The Being. The pure awareness. The one without a name, which was never born or never died. The essence which has never gone away.
But during our journey to happiness the path is covered with many obstacles. It is our job to be aware that these obstacles are present. It is our job to be aware of the fact that the obstacles must be present, in order to enable us to have an experience of joy.
It is our job to look for the origin of joy behind the curtains of joy. It is our job to find out that joy has never left us. Joy is always present. Joy will always stay present.
It is our job to open the doors of joy. It is our job to find the path of joy and let it stream out without resistance.
It is our mission to understand how we can be the tools of the universe for joy.
It is our mission to return to ourselves as the one. The one, who has no name, was never born, and never died; the one who is always near because we are aware that we are human beings playing the role of human beings.

Why you always are a winner

“Determination” and “commitment” are key words for winners. Winners live from the inside of their inner core and their essence.
Being a winner means that you are always a winner. You have always been a winner. You are already perfect. You are already as you should be.
You can always choose your road to being a winner.
Your road is always the road of a winner.
You are open for eternal changes.
You yourself are always changing eternally.
All is in movement and under constant change in the universe.
You are not the same as you were just five minutes ago. You cannot keep your thoughts. Decide to be open to everything and accept what is happening in the now.
Decide that you are the most valuable human being you know, because in fact you are only able to know yourself as human being.
You do not know the other from inside. However, you have arrived in this universe to make a difference and to leave a legacy. You must find out what this difference is in your life. You have to find your passion and live it.
Everything happening is good from a broader perspective, because you cannot for sure know what an action will result in. Therefore, what is in the now is only what is and nothing more.
Many people may irritate me. Why are they irritating me and what can I do to be accepting these people?
Make a choice without having to be emotionally engaged in it or having a negative reaction. Now you are free to judge your choice.
To be free to judge or criticize is to express that you are unlimited.
You are great in that you are resting in your core, your essence.
You involve yourself with no special attitude or feeling, but you are an observer from your heart and can just observe without commenting further.
Let other people or events appear as they are. You can do not know anything about the road traveled by other people in their lives.
Why all things are just for rent and nothing is yours
Be open to life. You are not able to change anything.
You own nothing in reality.
You cannot own anything.
Everything is for rent.
Most of us forget this in our daily lives.
Your body, your partner, your house, your car, simply everything that you remember, you only have for rent for a short time.
If you put a lot of emotion in the stuff you own, you are limiting yourself. In the feeling of ownership is also a feeling of lack, a fear of losing. In fact, you are emphasizing the feelings of not owning and you are limiting what you actually have.
In addition, money is only for rent. If you do not take advantage of spending your money in exchange of experiences, you have not understood its true function. Do not let the stuff you own govern you, or let yourself become attached to the stuff, and you will be free.
For many people, to own stuff means security. There is nothing wrong in owning things.
You must live life as richly as possible. However, you must remember that material stuff must not attach itself to you in a psychological manner. You must have power over things and not the other way around. Otherwise, things will be a limitation and just like a prison for you.

Why decide for joy in life

Make a decision that you will experience joy in everything you do.
Be sure to wake up every morning and say to yourself that today you decide to be joyful.
Do not get out of bed before you have this feeling of joy, because with this decision and feeling your day will be in a much lighter light and easier than without.
When you discipline yourself, keep your promises to yourself, and keep on going to your essence, you will enjoy life.
You need to have this desire and faith to begin your change.
You begin to remove all the mud and throw layer after layer of mud away until you get to the core that you are.
Then you can start to polish your inner essence of pure diamond.
You receive a glimpse of something more.
It does not matter where you practice your own internal development, but it is vital that it is your own opinion on what works for you and not others.
This means ultimately that you become whole.
Everything is as it should be. It is not to protect yourself, but about being open and vulnerable in your heart.
When you are not forced to respond, then you are free with your own response and not bound by your emotions.
You experience joy every day. However, you cannot avoid the experience of other feelings during the day. Why?
Because you identify with your pain and suffering, you remember it.
It is your habitual reaction. The same story you tell yourself repeatedly. Be aware of the fact that when you are discovering pain again, you are also able to discover joy and happiness again.
You interpret your own experience 100%. You always have a choice and can decide which window of life you want to look through – whether it is joy or pain.

Fear and doubts or Self-Confidence and Self-esteem.

Self-Confidence may consist of many elements:
Appearance, Appearance of other people, Verbal expressions, Non-verbal expressions, Intelligence, Career, Graduation, Creativity and Health.
The adults have another perception of the reality than small children. Small children live and awaken each day to a new day of adventure.
The adults have a preoccupied perception of the day.

Self-esteem is your right to exist.
If you are in doubt about your right to exist in this world it is a fundamental matter and is like the base of your house.
If you have doubt about your right to exist, you will experience fear.
Some people are feeling that they do not have the right to exist in this world and it does not matter whatever this person has built in the fundament of confidence, because the self-esteem is what the confidence has to rely on.
The basic right to exist has to come within you.
This right to exist has each person to deal with personally.
If a person does not deal with self-esteem, you become fragile or weak.
All the other people can see whether there are holes in your self-esteem base.
If you build your whole house on for example your job as your self-esteem base and you lose your job your base cracks.
When self-confidence and your self-esteem base are in conformity that means between your house and your base, you are able to increase the size of your house gradually.

The best way to build your house of self-esteem and self-confidence is to build your house based on a spiritual approach to life.
This would include all.
The spiritual road will give you depth and width.
This will enable you to include much more in your life plan or personal development plan and will take care of your personal growth.It will also help you to get unstuck and open up for new
plans and goals for complete joy and happiness.
The spiritual aspect or mindset will give access to your being, the now, stillness, your essence where all creative images are coming from and later manifested in your life.

You will build your house of self-esteem and self-confidence without hiding something.
There is no reason to hide anything.
Why to be the one you are and nobody else?
When you are honest to yourself, you have self-esteem.
Then you have the right to be as you are.
Then you have total acceptance of who you are in all situations and in all moods.
If you are accepting yourself just as you are, everything is all right. If you for example are shy then accept that you are so and do not resist it. Accept yourself even in a certain situation of moods.
Is it okay to be self-centered?
It is okay to look after yourself.
It is okay to become a whole person in your personal development.
When you do no harm other people and when you are integrating your own projections.
Your self-esteem is keeping you going in a situation of stress.
When you are love then you are growing, if you will allow it to grow within you.

Question Your Personal Development Plan

What is important for you?
What is your foundation of life? What is your personal develpment plan? Do you have a template or
blue print for your life. Do you have a sketch or drawing of your life? Do you have a life plan or template
for your life?
What would you include in your life plan or your personal development plan?
If you would make list would
the following word be included in your blue print for a satisfactory life showing your passions, values,
mission, purpose and what goals would you have for your life that will show you that you live are life of your
full capacity.
Would some of these words be included in your list of passion?
Freedom, love, joy,creativity,
health, honesty, courage, gratefulness, legacy,
intelligence, joy, happiness, fun, peace, playing, acknowledgement, security, control,
respect, unity, truth, accountability, and others.
You make your own list and prioritize in order.
Your personal development plan must be in conformity with your passions, purpose and values and from there you are able to set new goals for your plan of life.
Coaching your inner self with the questions you would like to manifest in your life of joy.
How can you deal with fear and doubts to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence?
You must include all seven areas of your life, money or finance, relationships, career, health, creativity or free time, society or legacy and your personal development.

You must find out what is really turning you on. What is burning in your heart?
When do feel that you are making a difference in life?
What do you love?
What does you existing work and education mean to you?
Are you fully engaged in what you are doing?
If you serve without engagement, ask why not?

If you are fully engaged, your life will be full of meaning to you. Time will fly. You will be
complete of joy.
Your attitude towards life is essential for the quality of your life.
Are you building a castle or is your attitude that you are only putting stones upon each other.
The first attitude is an attitude of enthusiasm while other attitude is an attitude without
engagement or value.

What is your legacy to the world?
Make an exercise where you are inviting other people to write about you at your funeral and
at the same time, you are writing your own speech.
Do you think that the two speeches would be alike?
What would they have to tell about you? If they were quite honest what part of your life,
would they speak about?
Would they speak about your effort for yourself and your effort for
other people?
Would they tell stories about your joy in life and the joy you gave to other
Did you leave a legacy showing that your life made a difference to other people?
Have you made a difference in your own opinion?
If you had, only 6 months left to live what would you do with your life.
These questions
need to be answered, because they will guide you to your inner wishes and lead you to your
path to complete joy.
Do not live in a future, which you may never experience.
Be honest to yourself.

Life Plan and how to use the 1000 steps technique?

Goal setting are also possible with the rule of a 1000 steps.
Reaching your goals is not hard, if you are trying to do it step by step.
Let us say you have a big dream and a want of a new, outstanding innovation in your field of occupation or work.
You watch out for the one and only innovation to change your life for ever.
You wait for the one and only big idea.
You look for the one and only famous goal. You await the one and only big step forward.
Sometime it works for very few people to make a turnaround of 180 degree with only one amazing, fabulous new idea.

However, for most people this does not work and on the contrary, the missing result is delaying a positive development.
It may be a slim line course which may function for a short while or they would like to quit smoking, but they give up because it is too hard to execute.
Some can do it of course to get rid of an old habit with a turnaround of 180 degree and stick to it.
However, how many of New Year’s resolution did succeed?
Why are most people not reaching their goals?

The reason for not achieving your goals is that you try to achieve your goals too fast.
It takes time for a seed to develop from a seed into a big tree.
There are certain steps to follow in the development of growing from a seed, a seedling, and a small tree and to a fully developed tree with matured fruits that you can harvest.
There are also certain steps or blue prints to
follow when developing your life plan or your personal development plan and your path to complete joy.

On the other hand, many people just go for it without thinking of the consequences for their self-confidence.
What happens?
You are going back to old patterns of yours when you lack the experience of success.
You are only getting halfway up the mountain.
You are lacking of breath, if force yourself up.
Instead, you are using a road going around the mountain and which slowly will lead you to the top.
You are using the 1000 step technique. Now you are on the road of your life. You are creating your road and you a achieving your goals.
Instead of big radical changes, make small improvements.
Look around and see all the 1000 steps of improvement leading you to the top.
Do not invest in big, fancy solutions.
How can you do the same without big effort, but with small steps?
Can you use existing material in another way?
Can you ask for help from other sources? Ask for coaching.
Be creative in searching and involve other people from outside your profession to see with their eyes.
Ask and give feedback and be grateful.
Get inspiration from your inner coach, your essence or being during meditation.
Be ready to look at your mindset to change your old beliefs, thoughts, habits, emotions and feelings.
Change your affirmations to be in conformity with your inner essence and being.
This will give you leadership for your life of joy.
Your productivity and flow of joy increases.
Look at all people and all experiences as a source of creativity and improvement and accept to look into all suggestions.
Prepare for changes all the time.

Why you have to start with small questions to achieve your goals?
In order to create your road to success and to the top of the mountain, you have to start with small questions.
The questions have to be small, because you have to be able to say yes to solve all questions without doubt.
When the questions are small, you will not feel any resistance.You will get unstuck.
You will find your purpose.
If you do not feel any resistance, you have the key to complete joy, success
and find Your Path To Success of your life and
you have your life plan or your personal development plan ready to be implementet on a continous basis.

What is the smallest step you can take to create an improvement?
What if you use 5 minutes or only 1 minute with this activity to improve your life?
What little help do you need from for example your partner or friend just now?
What do you appreciate about yourself?
What makes you happy and joyful?
What is your partner doing, giving you joy?
What part of your work is giving you joy?
What if there were no limits and you never would fail what would you change in your life?
Whom can you ask for help or feedback?
Are there other people you have not contacted for a long time who may help you?
When you have answered above small questions you can start to increase your improvements, but still with small steps.
When reaching the first small steps you are actually changing from another higher level.
In fact, you have probably not noticed this higher step, because it was so easy to do. In return you will have joy and satisfaction.

What is Success and Joy or what is Abundance or Richness?

Most people think of things when you ask people about success, abundance or richness.
However, at the most fundamental level success it is not a thing.
It is a feeling you have.
It is a sense.
It is a feeling of overflowing of complete joy and happiness.
Without the sense of abundance in that sense of joy and happiness, you will not feel abundance inside of you.
When you are connected to abundance, you are connected to your source or essence, being, the now, stillness or whatever name your mindset may describe this source of joy.
From this connection with being or essence all your inspiration, your creativity, your health, and your personal development arises.
From here you can change your old thoughts, beliefs, habits, behaviour and let go or release old emotions and feelings you do not need any more to stick to.
You are free.
Your attitude change and you look at life through a window of joy.
Your life plan change and you select only areas of your life empowering your passions, purpose and values.
Your personal development plan change and your new goals are in conformity with your inner being and essence.
Abundance is life before, after and ever and before your body. You must listen with attention. You must listen with your awareness.
This is really what you are looking for. If you are looking for consciousness in this moment, you feel that you are alive.
It is apparently so obvious that you are alive and because it is so obvious, you do not notice it. It is like the fish in the ocean.
The fish does not notice the water.
You do not notice the silence and the space within everything is unfolding.
You cannot give it a name, because in the moment of labeling it with a name it is a concept.
A mental concept you try to include in a little box of your mind and which you try to give form.
But it is not form.
On the other hand it is the originator of all forms. Your mind cannot understand something which contains a paradox.
Look for your inner being.
Everything comes from your sense of abundance.
It comes from the inside and out. It comes from the formless to life and form.
Things never give you the fullness of life.
The fullness of life is your feelings of fullness, joy and abundance in the now and not in the future.
You will be free of fear and doubts and get unstuck when entering your essence.
You will have a clear picture of how your life plan or your personal development will look like.
You will find your passion and purpose.
You will not be attached to any outcome from your plan, but you will enjoy every moment in your life.
Find the place within you which is not a place, but where life is born all the time, but also unborn, TAO, or silence or whatever you may call in your own translation to get in contact with your inner essence of being.
You may manifest everything in your life.
You may visualize from the place of abundance everything.
However, even if you manifest everything or something, it is not the same as being happy.
Happiness or rather joy is connecting with the place where life pleases itself.
A place where consciousness is conscious of itself.
You are life.
That is complete joy and happiness.
It is a very quiet place within you and you must drop all thoughts about how to get there.